Eternal Doge

Doge made many people lives, Doge introduced crypto to masses, Doge made crypto fun but Doge has also been used by greedy people for scamming people.


But we all know, doge is BSC, Doge is eternal. Let’s bring forth ETERNALDOGE.

Let us UNITE a community that believes strongly in Doge. To reward the believers, holders are rewarded 3% of EternalDoge on transactions as we grow this to become a next big doge hype.

Team’s Promise

We are here to do our best in pushing EternalDoge and making EternalDoge truly eternal.

Through our journey, we strongly hope that our community will stay loyal and hold strong with us as we market and grow this as an EternalDoge community.


3% Eternal Marketing

3% Dev & Buybacks

3% Eternal Reflections

1% Liquidity Pool


Phase 1
- Presale Marketing
- Contract Deployment
- Pinksale Platform
- Launch
Phase 1
Phase 2
- Post Marketing
- Twitter Growth
- Telegram Growth
Phase 2
Phase 3
- Application for audit
- Application for listings
- Further EternalDoge growth
Phase 3

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